11 fun facts about Chiropractic Care

When one hears the words ‘spine alignment’ and ‘skeletal arrangement’, the images that come to mind aren’t pleasant. A person breaking someone's back might be what you imagining, but the simple tasks that a chiropractor carries out every day is not like that at all.

Chiropractic treatment

If you’re one of those people who are apprehensive, here are some fun facts about chiropractors that’ll help you change your mind about the practice. The field is gaining, and you can now find a chiropractor in Coventry and anywhere else for your needs.

Facts about Chiropractors

  • The term chiropractor comes from the Grecian words cheir and parktos which mean “done by hand.”
  • 32 national football league teams have their own chiropractor for their players.
  • Each day about one million adjustments are conducted.
  • Chiropractors approximately go through 4200 hours of classes and labs in just 4 years. This means 175 days of studying straight!
  • Getting back pain treatment from chiropractors makes it 20 percent cheaper that if you got treated from elsewhere.
  • A person that suffers a back injury is 28 times less likely to suffer from it again if they contact a chiropractor rather than a surgeon.

Some questions to ask your chiropractor

  1. How are chiropractic treatments performed?

    The treatment you will be getting might be done by hands or the help of some equipment. Since your spine will be manipulate it is best to be prepared for the treatment you will be receiving by asking your chiropractor.

  2. Will one treatment be enough or do I need to come in for more?

    Since you will need help with aligning your muscles and nerves most times one treatment might not be enough for a long-term solution. Thus, ask your chiropractor in Coventry what the treatment procedure will be. This will help you decide what kind of solution you are looking for and how far you are willing to go.